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About Brooklyn

About Global Impact Within LLC

We Coordinate and Connect Services in different industries and create a collective voice through our elected officials for fair legislation on issues that matter for US WOMEN AND GIRLS around the world.

Household Service Providers

One of the many services we are focusing on
right now includes cleaning for residential.
Perfect for this holiday season.

Business Cleaning

With this service, we focus primarily on cleaning
for business offices and hotels.
Perfect for the holiday season.

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About Brooklyn
We coordinate and connect services in different industries starting with the basic for one goal; to serve our YOU-MAN-inty.
Carine S. Kapinga
Our Service

Our Services

We Empowering our Women and girls 18 and older to Express them Self, love them self first have confidence in them self and the their physical and intellect ability by beeing beutifull and sexy while joining the workforce.
We take PRIDE & DIGNITY in our services as women as we want to live a little while making a living married or single as is us women who build nations..
We promote INDEPENDENCE, EQUILITY & SERVICES to our YOU-MAN-inty GLOBAL but starting at the local level.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning interior and exterior of homes and businesses as well for regular cleaning.. we wear regular or costum made attired suitable for the environement..

Hoarding / Debris Removal / Organizing

Getting rid of all the junk and keeping your space organized

Painting / Carpet Cleaning / Steaming / Landscaping

Ensuring your house looks superb inside and out. as we have women who have experience on painting, carpet shappo or steam and even landscaping. with a skimpy clothing.

Our Service

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